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Rabbit Escape

0.99 usd

- Help your rabbits find their way from the entrance to the exit. If you rescue enough rabbits, you can go on to the next level.- Control your rabbits by dropping tokens that give them special abilities.
- Choose abilities like bridge-building, wall-climbing and digging, and drop tokens for your rabbits to pick up.
120 levels of puzzling action!
No adverts, no in-app purchases, no special permissions needed.
Rabbit Escape is a home-made game. Please contact me if you have any problems, before giving your rating. I will do my very best to fix any problems you have.
Rabbit Escape is Open Source / "Free Software" ("free" as in freedom, licensed under the GNU GPLv2). This means you can help improve it. Visit the web site at to find out how to get the source code. You can make new levels, change how it looks, and how it works by changing the code, and submit your changes - they may even be included in new versions!
Rabbit Escape is also available free of charge from the web site (so long as you are prepared to allow installing from "Unknown sources"). However, if you buy it, you will be supporting me in fixing bugs and adding features, and you will get a warm glow.